Hale’s Honey is of the poplar or wildflower variety. In Kentucky it is really hard to get honey of a particular variety. Hale’s Honey comes from a combination of clover, locust, and poplar trees and wildflowers.


Hale's Honey has an 90% survival rate with raised queens. We select breeding stock from only the best hives in our operation. The hive must have survived the previous winter and builds up strong in the spring.


We currently offer bees for sale in 5 frame Nucleus hives. These hives are created from our own stock and queens. We make sure the queen is laying and developing a good brood pattern before these are sold.

We will be taking orders for 2024 Nucs starting November 1st


Hale’s Honey is a small honey and bee operation located in Menifee County, KY. We specialize in providing pure local raw honey, nuc starter hives, and queens produced from our breeder stock. At Hale’s Honey, our stock of bees is Italian and Russian. Combining these breeds yields a mixture of bees that produce honey well while also being resistant to the diseases that face bees today, namely the varroa mite. Our operation is part-time but to us, it feels full-time. Over the past few years, we have established a sizeable clientele for Hale’s Honey, nucs, and queens. We typically sell out very quickly, most years we are sold out of honey by the end of August and nucs by Christmas. 

Currently, we winter about 50-75 hives here in KY. Those hives are used to split for Nuc’s and to raise our own queens while also using several for honey production. We typically create about 100 nucs for sale and maintain our own number of hives.