Our nuc hives are created from our own stock and our own queens. We make sure the queen is laying and developing a good brood pattern before we sell these. We sell Nucs with either 2019 queens or 2018 over-wintered queens.

Typically most people that sell Nuc’s create the Nuc in the Spring from their surviving stock and then add a purchased queen. They let the queen starting laying for 2-3 weeks and then sell her. This is a very common practice and there is nothing wrong with it. We create Spring nuc’s the same way except that we use our own spring raised queens. We believe that purchasing local produced bees and queens that are adapted to the local climate versus bees from down south gives the beekeeper a much better chance at success.  

Why spend more for a nuc with an overwintered queen? If you buy a Nuc from us with an overwintered queen that is very important and worth the extra money, because that queen will be a fall raised queen from the previous year that has survived the winter and she has several months of established laying patterns. These nucs build up quickly in the spring and can grow into a full double deep hive by early summer.

Please call 606-788-3408 or email to place a Nuc order. 

Nucs will be available late May to early June, depending on weather and our own queen rearing schedule. You are placed on the order list when we receive your deposit not when you place your order. We take checks only. 

Typical pickup will be early on Saturday mornings.  Bees will be closed up before daylight and we like to make sure bee can get released in 5-6 hours. Special arrangements can be made to pick up Nucs during the week right before dark, we want to make sure most of the foragers have returned. 

5 Frame Nucleus hives

5 Frame Nucleus Hives:

Each 5 frame Nuc will consist of the following:

A solid laying 2019  Italian/Russian queen with good brood.

We will not be selling any overwintered nucs for 2019

5 solid deep frames of drawn comb, no foundation. These 5 frames will consist of 2-3 frames or more of brood (eggs, larva, capped brood) and 2 frames of honey/pollen.

Nuc’s will come in a five frame plastic corrugated box for transport. You can then transfer the 5 frames into a deep box and add an additional 5 frames of comb or foundation.



$75 non-refundable deposit required for each Nuc Purchased

5 Frame Nuc with 2019 Italian queen:    $200

5 Frame Nuc with 2019 Russian queen:    $220






Nucleus hives